"The most precious treasure is patience. The most loyal friend is charity. The most beautiful worship is sincere. The highest identity is faith. The hardest job is forgiving. We apologize for all wrong and wrong. Eid Mubarak"
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"Harta paling berharga adalah sabar. Teman paling setia adalah amal. Ibadah paling indah adalah ikhlas. Identitas paling tinggi adalah iman. pekerjaan paling berat adalah memaafkan. Mohon maaf atas segala khilaf dan salah. Eid Mubarak"
A new modified now scrolling to the Walkman app theme which moved the build number from 8.3.A.2.10 to 8.4.A.3.2. The update now allows Android Wear users to view songs in synced playlists and start playback from any song in the playlist. Other changes include visual improvements, although it's not immediately clear what this is (please chime down if you know!) 8.1MB downloaded now scrolling.
updates ota: [×] Some users are now seeing "Spotify" listed as a service in the settings (see below). This is likely a precursor for the full PlayStation Music (power by Spotify) launch at the end of the month.
Walkman is a music player application that we always see on sony device. But the question, whether walkman for Android can be installed on other HP Android?
Walkman update is confirmed on all handsets running android 4.0 or higher ,finally
by tested on android LG G3