Hello! back to articles by Omponk ,and How are you brother? Yeah,Lucky! I hope your Good! ..Hmm you know PlayStation can not imagine that the PS1 game is very imprint in many people, There are nostalgia with old school games and also there really want to play the game because the android does not exist yet... As we know that ePSXe for Android app is a paid app on playstore and become one of the best emulators for PS1 games, So by using this application we can play PS1 games on android. ePSXe supports OpenGL HD enhanced graphics thanks to Plugins, cheat codes as well as savestates and Memcards compatibility with PC versions. ePSXe includes native support for ARM and Intel Atom X86.. Support Multiplayer on two Smartphone via tethering or remote servers glow!

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PSOne Application:

  • Name ID :
  • Version : 1.9.40
  • Size : 4,68MiB with Plugin+Bios
  • Android : 2.2 Up
  • Update App : 23 Augustus 2017

PSOne Update New

{ } Added scanlines support (transparency +thickless can be configured more)
{ } Added support to reduce rendering resolution in openGL plugin, or you can download directly from PSOne tsb
{ } Added support to change a lot of video/audio/input options during gameplay
{ } Added support to edit the cheat codes and load the cheat codes from a file, search with your game type!
{ } Fixed some bugs in some gameshark codes (conditional)
{ } Fixed a bug in the music in the game Future Cop 01

Required your need Installed

• Download PSOne.Apk and
• Extract File Plugin and its bios! Do not have the application download ES File Xplorer
• Install PSOne.apk, Open it once! Home android then Find the Bios and Plugin Files, Move both Files to the folder! EPsxe/Bios (paste) EPsxe/Plugin(paste)! Okay! Go back and play now!
• Notes: for the Lag graphic (same from PPSSPP), or broken sound when playing it! Replace those plugins that support on your android spaces! (tested on by me)
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Added Game High Compressed and Ripping

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