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Hello! good morning friends! Although now it's just a minute I make another New Splash Mod From Need For Speed: No Limits For all GPUs! The Eligible Must Be Played! Easy and convenient, certainly no trouble for Android smartphone users are limited to the GPUs.. Okay! Next read and downloaded!!?
the latest sequel of one of the most famous racing game series in the world, Need for Speed: No Limits, finally officially opened to public audiences after since early 2015 ago released in limited. Glenn had written the Need for Speed ​​preview: No Limits in January, and this time I had the opportunity to review this game in full..
Unlike its predecessor Need for Speed ​​game: No Limits is an exclusive series developed for mobile platforms collaborating with Electronic Arts and Firemonkeys. With all the limitations of technology owned by the current generation of smartphones, I do not really expect Need for Speed: No Limits has a quality game console. Moreover, this game brings free-to-play scheme with IAP business model
Although not reaching the console quality, I think the graphics from Need for Speed: No Limits is quite good. With a large file size and high power requirements for graphics processing, I was quite surprised with the fairly smooth frame rate throughout the game
One more thing that interest me is EDM music that underlie during the race. Actually this is a simple addition, but it adds to the sensation of playing
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Levels Designed to Support "Needs" Grinding

Speaking of challenges, there are many things that can be done at Need for Speed: No Limits. this game has two main racing features, namely Underground and Car Series
Both modes of this race have similar features; Short races, prizes in the form of items that can be obtained after winning the race, the level that can be played back, and the obligation to conquer one level to play the next level. From these characteristics, you should be able to guess the level designed by EA for what purpose. Yes,grinding

Conclusion and graphics, custumiez

Need for Speed: No Limits is a pretty good game for the size of freemium racing games. Customization of the car that became the mainstay of this game is enough to meet expectations. Plus the graphics and music qualified as well as optimization for the mobile platform is very good make me feel at home in front of the smartphone screen
However, it seems I need to remind again that this game is putting forward a very long play process in order to build the best car. But if grinding is the thing that becomes your daily food, I think this game seems worthy of you to try to play
Simply talk about grinding. There's a positive side to Need for Speed: No Limits is car customization! This is the part that I really love since playing Need for Speed: Underground 2. there are quite a lot of things that can be modified starting from body kit, spoiler, exhaust, and so on. Each car has a unique type of modification
For car customization level is not as deep and as cool as Need for Speed: Underground 2, but may be enough to eliminate your thirst for racing games with a level of customization is okay. however, to make this modification, you need special points which again you can get through the lottery box and many more

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