Hi guys.. partner Blogponsel meet again with Omponk CS! Author blog DONUT, here i will tell for you guys
how to flashing Sony Xperia. Well indeed do a flashing is no stranger to hear, if your Xperia experience error on system, bootloop or Forgot password and too Hard brick
it is now the era of technology has become a major factor for people who use it, because the technologybthat is called android smartphone has many fans, not only that this smartphone has made popular among the people because who used to use sms and phone now can be used for social media or use the internet
because users are already using many facilities in social media, my friend just will discuss the flashing article Sony Xperia, this with a pretty straightforward way only and see the discussion of tutorials below
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  • Prepare Flashing Tool;
  • Sony Xperia USB Driver
  • Sony Xperia Firmware Hongkong and Europa NEW
  • Haha remember Coffee and Enjoying guys
Next Step Flash;
1. Download and install the Sony xperia Driver on your computer. if it already has sony xperia Driver installed on your computer (skip this step)
2. Once downloaded and extract the firmware sony xperia firmwere on your computer. after you see the file extension. FTF move to folder C;/FlashTool/firmware