Good morning! gaes, I'm will share about how to BomLike facebook easily through operamini application.. The way you guys do not forget, to also share the article I created this time.. Okay! Immediately gaes!...and I'm always giving this is your own way .. If you guys can use tools, other or AutoBomLike

NOTE: Your! Need application primary browser as Operamini or Uc Browser

First you go to Facebook, (alias ​​own account) next, I will show the picture below .. !! :D

source img mobile

Click, tab on the button "Likes" Continue and Continue.. do not let the browser quickly open .. how kind of friend status you like

Nahh, next on button (X) in Opera, or Uc browser... Do to stop, Then you Refresh or reload Page..

be careful because third-party Facebook will block your Like if using this in a row (OKEY' - Your Understand)
source img mobile

In the end, your in-Friends notice will look "Like", Now!! a guest column will say "HEy! Okay, thanks for BomLike my statu's me"

I share the Opera Mini app, which I already use Tweaks! On features.. and I've had variations made in the past! This is what I use often

Do not forget! Look at the Features I noted

  • What's New? My App Opera
  • Light, and fast! (Data Saving, original Official)
  • Good bookmark storage and no problems in anything
  • Download Only up to 368mb, or More (Normal Network!, or 4g), Sorry forgot to save photo for screenshoot tested by me
Here secret code opera value address
  • about:config
  • then you will enter the main setting of Operamini. can also with the code "config:'' to facilitate please click the code
  • opera:about
  • Show about your operamini. A kind of security and support
  • server:version or debug:
  • to see the versions, some of the Operamini servers you use and other information
  • opera:cache
  • you guys who want to see the cache used
  • myopera:login
  • opera sync, you can sign in too! This can load your storage can be returned! or restore
  • Okeey! there are many more, but sorry for other I do not note it
:D Thanks, Good luck, Happy! Sunday