Hello! Good morning friend blog phone, still remember with this PlayStation 1 console, possibly on android to run game play this. EPSXe may be familiar to you PC users because epsxe is actually a ps1 emulator that runs on pc but now ePSXe party has released for android version. Of course this good news for us all lovers of old games PlayStation 1 because we can play anywhere. Besides ePSXe emulator is not in doubt about the performance of both graphics, sound and others are very reliable, and edit it with good quality. Which certainly your android will be able to play PlayStation 1 games smoothly. Here I am sharing the latest version of epsxe and mod which I have tested before
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What is a Plugin?
many previously asked what the plugin was on the epsxe emulator? If you know, plugin peopsxl very influential once on the quality of the game so if my friend finds a game that has poor graphics quality and you lazily set the graphics in the settings epsxe can use peopsxl to optimize the quality of graphics ranging from color texture, density and much more.
source: image by omponk
the contradictions are very striking. When not using plugins and using peopsxl or check plugin othe devices here
mapping key hardware (Xperia Play, Mobile with keyboard, and external pads like Wiimote or Sixaxis), and analog sticks or check compatibility here .coincidence that's just that from me.. hope you are interested what i write and i post it. Thanks!