Assalamualaikum Wr Wb
Hello.. back too my blogs .with the second post, by I write this time will share the script and Build prop that use for android version 4 and below. (Gingerbread 2.3.7 on Support by System)
Waiting for, and copying from note . ready for you to download. before first read the post violation I made

If it’s not risk why you do this?

I do tweaks from Android Sources and make unofficial builds just for me. I do not reproduce these Android tweaking anywhere. I do it just for learning tweaking and modifying :)
tweak is a file in the form of script contained in the android system. here are some benefits tweaked for android
  • Can save android battery
  • Can increase speed or your android performance
  • Can reduce lag when multitasking. and reduce ram usage
  • Can add audio quality. Increase read and write speed on sdcard
  • Block out annoying ads. and Adds touch screen sensitivity
  • Maximize GPS , Connection features. and Improve Android graphic
be careful when installing tweaks also have many risks such as bootlop, which is where your phone android stuck or still in the logo when you want to turn. you are okay guys :)
    Let's go, TKP! Preparation:
  • Tweak and Script Init.d
  • Root explore
  • Universal init.d app
  • The busybox app
  • Required root phone, backup
  • Coffee, and Enjoy! Available for Android Hehee
1. TweakDrypT™
2. Fly-On Mod
3. Adrenaline™ Engine
4. Emperor GM
5. Waiting.. made by me
Okay, facilitate android tweak is a script that resides on the system either on the build prop or in the init.d folder. usability of Tweak create by Omponk. standard on android :P
so long to continue this post .. wassalam. good luck